Choosing a Wall bed Murphy & Hidden at Wallbeds N More

If you feel like your current bed is taking up too much room, you might want to start to think about a wallbed. Wallbeds N More can provide you with some great solutions.

Choosing a Wall bed

Whether you live in a small studio apartment or need extra space for kids or guests, Wallbeds N More can provide a great solution. Originally known as a Murphy bed, they were patented in 1911 by William Lawrence Murphy. These beds have been around for more than a hundred years and continue to be useful.

The basic concept of a wall bed is that you can lift the bed into a wall cabinet when it’s not in use. This provides a sense of privacy if you live in a studio apartment and don’t have another room for entertaining. Also, it lets people use rooms in their house for multiple purposes, such as for a home office or a guest room .

Types of wall beds

If you’ve decided to invest in a wallbed, what information do you need? The most basic thing to know is that well beds can be either horizontal or vertical. Wallbeds N More Ahwatukee offers a wide selection of both types.

Which one you choose depends mostly on the layout of your space and where you envision anchoring your bed. Horizontal wall beds are ideal for narrow spaces where a vertical Murphy bed is not possible. The main difference is that a horizontal cabinet will occupy a longer section of your wall than the tall vertical layout. Otherwise, both are great choices and will always provide a comfortable night’s sleep.

Additional furniture features

You may already be familiar with hidden wallbeds, but did you know that many models will function as far more than just a cabinet when the bed is not in use? The most popular model of Murphy beds also involves desks.

Imagine having a home office that does double duty as a guest room when needed! Wallbeds N More Phoenix can help you find the desk bed to match your style and office needs. You can choose a simple modern cabinet or a more elaborate style with surrounding bookcases so that you always have your office set up the way you want it.

If you are redesigning your child’s room, you might consider a loveseat and twin horizontal Murphy bed combination. This gives her a space to sit and read or even hang out when friends when she’s not sleeping.

Have questions about wallbeds or want to come and test how comfortable they are? Visit Wallbeds N More Scottsdale for great customer service and help choosing the right wall bed for your needs.

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