How Hidden Beds Can Transform a Living Space

Has a Bedroom Become Obsolete? How Hidden Beds Can Transform a Living Space

The past few decades have seen a trend toward open spaces and loft living and the use of Hidden Beds. Many people living alone want more space, and increasingly couples without children are also seeing the benefits of a more open layout

One of the most efficient ways to take advantage of an open space is to install a wallbed, or hidden bed that folds up when not in use. According to legend, William Lawrence Murphy had the idea for wallbeds when he wanted to a place to entertain his lady friends. To make the situation socially acceptable, he had to find a way to transform is bedroom into a parlor so he could play the gentleman host.

Murphy beds waned in popularity after the 1940s, when the trend of moving to the suburbs offered more space to growing families. The concept has been making a steady comeback in recent decades though, as city living is again on the rise.

Do you still need a dedicated bedroom?

The merits of designing for small spaces and buying furniture to facilitate the best use of a limited resource are clear. However, making the choice to do away with your bedroom is still a controversial choice in mainstream circles.

But as historian Lucy Worsley points out, having a room dedicated just to sleeping is a relatively recent invention, coming into practice first among upper class Victorians in the 1800s. Before then, families often shared sleeping space with each other in one large room. The bedding would be put away during the day to make room for cooking and work

The other problem people had with Murphy beds in the past was that they were not as comfortable as a regular mattress with a box spring. But with modern materials such as memory foam, today’s mattresses are very high quality and extremely comfortable, even for daily use.

If you are curious about changing up your space, companies selling wallbeds in Phoenix are happy to show potential customers the beautiful possibilities of incorporating a hidden bed. Just imagine having extra room for office space or entertaining friends without paying for a larger home.

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