Including a Computer Desk Bed in Your Ideal Home Office
Aug 23, 2015

Whether you own your own business, work at home full time, or just need a place to occasionally be productive, a well-designed home office can keep you organized and efficient. With today’s options for desk beds, it’s possible to have a great home office even if your space must be multi-use. Here are some design tips to make the best use of your workspace.

Comfort vs. productivity

While it’s logical to want to be comfortable at home, experts advise against too much informality in your home office space. The goal is to create a space that is designed specifically for getting work done. When you come into your office, you’re brain should automatically slip into work mode

If a space is too casual you’ll be more distracted and likely to be interrupted. Family members should think of the office space as a physical boundary that is off limits to other home activities. This can be challenging if you’re removing a bed for workspace.  In this case, you’re going to want a Computer Desk for Bed or Computer Desk Bed.

To plan for productivity, considerthe type of work that you’ll be doing, how much space you’ll need, and what kinds of physical space you’ll need for working and storage. Will you bring in special equipment? Do you need a space to host clients or coworkers? Do you need technology setups to support web conferencing, VPN, superfast data connections, etc.? The answers to these questions will help you start to create an office plan.

Physical design

Good lighting is a very important to productivity. If your office has a window, orient your desk perpendicular to it. You’ll be tempted to face your desk so that you’re looking outside, but remember that your goal is to get work done, not be distracted.  If you want complete focus, perhaps a Hidden Desk Bed is your best option.

Space savers

But what if you don’t have a dedicated office space? If your workspace doubles as a guestroom, installing a desk bed is a practical way to reclaim space. A bed and desk combination involves a Murphy Bed that when raised has a desk on the opposite side.

A hidden desk bed lets you use your space primarily as an office, since let’s face it, you’ll use it for work way more often than you’ll host guests.

Whether you want a computer desk for a bed or another bed and desk combo,Wallbeds N More can help you with a great selection. We will find the perfect solution to your space-saving needs.

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