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Pier Desks

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Pier Desk Bed – The Most Versatile Space Saving Murphy Table Beds

Brought To You By Arizona Wallbeds “n” More – Your Space Solutions Team

Whether at home office or at your actual workplace, space continues to be an issue due to overwhelmingly large furniture that occupy a lot of area. A simple and effective way of remedying this situation is by going for our Pier Desks from our Murphy Desk Bed collection.

Pier Desks give you a whole new way of doing work, while being able to remain fully mobile, as well have the remaining open space you need in your work area.

What Is A Pier Desk?

A Murphy Table pier desk consists of a rectangular straight desk attached to a portion of a wall cabinet. On the other end of the desk Murphy bed is a pedestal, which has drawers that can be used for filing and storage. Our pier desks come in a wide range of designs and finishes that give your office space a modern update, while providing you with topnotch functionality and convenience.

Why Wallbeds “n” More?

Here at Wallbeds and More, we guarantee that you get nothing but the highest quality, ease of use, and excellent service when it comes to our Murphy Table Pier Desk selections.

Having a desk Murphy bed provides you with more space to use and play around with at your home office and even at your official workplace should you decide to redesign. Now you’ll have more breathing space that’ll surely help in creating a conducive working environment.

All of our Murphy tables feature a well-built center support that’s specially designed for optimal long-term use. We ensure a safe, durable, and lasting use with each of our Murphy tables, so go ahead and visit our Wallbeds “n” More design centers to get your very own Pier Desk inside your humble abode.

Every purchase also comes with an offer of hassle-free delivery and installation.

Did you know that we have a full range of furniture pieces and accessories including rugs, chairs and mattresses?

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